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Book Recommendations for Children & Families: May 2021

Here is a list of book recommendations for young children (12 and under) and their families, created by a young person in the community.  Click on the following links to learn more or find the books at your local public library (Hamilton Public Library). “A Kids Book About…” Series by Various Authors  For ages 0-9 […]

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The Pillars of Youth Peer Support: Online Series

The Pillars of Youth Peer Support: Online Series DESCRIPTION: Recording date:  February 18 – March 18, 2021 This five-session series will review The Pillars of Youth Peer Support, which consists of nine short videos. Each video will go over helpful information to support youth as you support your peers. Each session will include watching 1 or […]

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Back to School Transitions: Coping with stress, planning for success

BACK TO SCHOOL TRANSITIONS: COPING WITH STRESS, PLANNING FOR SUCCESS Version française WATCH NOW (YouTube) WATCH NOW (Adobe) DESCRIPTION: Recording date:  August 29, 2020 Are you worried about getting back into a school routine this fall? Are you expecting the transition to be hard for your child or youth? Feeling overwhelmed about all the changes […]

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Anxiety in Children and Youth

ANXIETY IN CHILDREN AND YOUTH June 2021 – WATCH NOW (YouTube) June 2021 – WATCH NOW (Adobe) March 2020 – WATCH NOW (YouTube) March 2020 – WATCH NOW (Adobe) DESCRIPTION: Recording dates:  March 11, 2020 and June 15, 2021 This session for families will help you understand more about anxiety triggers and the effects on […]

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Facing School Challenges

FACING SCHOOL CHALLENGES WATCH ON YOUTUBE (best for desktop/laptop) WATCH WITH ADOBE (best for mobile devices) DESCRIPTION: Recording date: February 26, 2019 Do you find the pressures of school to be overwhelming? In this energetic and interactive session for young people, you will: Learn skills to help you cope with things that can make school […]

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