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Getting services

There are many different kinds of help for children, youth or families coping with mental health concerns.

Child and youth mental health services

Publicly funded services usually require a referral...and a great deal of patience. Children, youth and families must wait for many of these services. Generally, these services are high quality, based on evidence and time-limited. Connections between services can be challenging, especially when young people transition to adult services at age 18.

Private services are readily available and flexible, but are often very expensive, even for those fortunate to have private insurance. Approaches and use of current evidence may vary widely.

Community supports for children, youth and families

Supports, such as workshops or groups, may be provided by trained staff in funded agencies and organizations or the private sector. Not all supports are specific to mental health issues, but are often helpful with other challenges children, youth and families face.

Other supports are available through not-for-profit organizations, charities or groups connected to various communities. These supports may range from impromptu coffee hours to highly organized groups with regular meetings.

If you are looking for mental health help or support, here are a few places to get your started.

Children & Youth (0-18)

Call Contact Hamilton

Talk to your family doctor

Ask at school

Ask at daycare

Visit a Check It Out drop-in session (0-6 years)


Transition Aged Youth (16+)

Call Contact Hamilton

#ReachOut to Youth Wellness Centre


Talk to a health care provider

Ask at school

Visit a drop-in counselling session


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