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Anxiety in Children and Youth

ANXIETY IN CHILDREN AND YOUTH January 2022 – WATCH NOW (YouTube) January 2022 – WATCH NOW (Adobe) December 2021 – WATCH NOW (YouTube) December 2021 – WATCH NOW (Adobe) DESCRIPTION: Most recent recording date:  January 11, 2021 This session for families will help you understand more about anxiety triggers and the effects on your child […]

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Validation and Emotion Coaching: skills for families to support their loved one

VALIDATION AND EMOTION-COACHING: SKILLS FOR FAMILIES TO SUPPORT THEIR LOVED ONE WATCH NOW (YouTube) WATCH NOW (Adobe) DESCRIPTION: Recording date:  August 11, 2020 Learn about validation and emotion coaching and how to use them when your loved one is experiencing big emotions. These powerful tools can help you: Support your loved one at times of […]

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Facing School Challenges

FACING SCHOOL CHALLENGES WATCH ON YOUTUBE (best for desktop/laptop) WATCH WITH ADOBE (best for mobile devices) DESCRIPTION: Recording date: February 26, 2019 Do you find the pressures of school to be overwhelming? In this energetic and interactive session for young people, you will: Learn skills to help you cope with things that can make school […]

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