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This project is a collaborative effort of multiple agencies and organizations that provide child and youth mental health services in Hamilton.

As our program grows, new partners will be added, so check back frequently.

YourSpace's collaboration partners:

Centre de santé communautaire Hamilton et Niagara

Le CSCHN offre un large éventail de services communautaires en français dans les régions de Hamilton et de Niagara. Le CSCHN est concentré sur la prévention, la sensibilisation et le traitement des problèmes de santé mentale des enfants, des adolescents et de leurs familles. Les services comprennent

  • Counseling/thérapie individuelle
  • Thérapie de groupe
  • Ateliers de prévention ciblés
  • Soutien et accompagnement des familles/parents
  • Sensibilisation des jeunes à la communauté

Le CSCHN respecte la diversité des familles et l'importance de fournir des services qui reflètent leurs besoins culturels. Les services sont gratuits et confidentiels et sont fournis par des conseillers en santé mentale membres de l'Ordre des travailleurs sociaux et des techniciens en travail social de l'Ontario ou de l'Ordre des psychothérapeutes de l'Ontario.

In English: 

The CSCHN provides a wide range of French language community services in the Hamilton and Niagara regions. The CSCHN focuses on prevention, education and treatment of mental health issues for children, youth and their families. Services include:

  • Individual counselling/therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Targeted prevention workshops
  • Family/parent support and accompaniment
  • Community outreach to youth

The CSCHN respects the diversity of families and the importance of providing services that reflect their cultural needs. Services are free and confidential and are provided by mental health counsellors who are members of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers or the Ontario College of Psychotherapists.


Contact Hamilton

Children's Services is a program of Contact Hamilton that helps children, youth and their guardians find services for children and youth who:

  • Have social, emotional, behavioural, psychiatric and/or developmental concerns, AND
  • Are under the age of 18, AND
  • Live in the City of Hamilton

Anyone can make a referral to Contact Hamilton with the consent of the youth or their guardian. Contact Hamilton also provides information to anyone about available services and supports for children, youth and their families.


City of Hamilton - Public Health, Child and Adolescent Services

Child and Adolescent Services is an outpatient children's mental health centre for residents of Hamilton. A variety of assessment and treatment services are available to children and youth, from birth to age 18, and their families, who are referred for services. Services offered include:

  • Family therapy
  • Individual counselling
  • Play therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychological testing
  • Consultation to community agencies


Good Shepherd Centres - Youth Services 

Good Shepherd Youth Services is committed to helping youth who may be struggling with poverty, family conflict, homelessness, mental health issues, abuse and neglect. Each year, Good Shepherd Youth Services helps thousands of youth through strength-based programs including personal counselling, life skills training and educational programs.

Some of the programs specific to child and youth mental health include:


Hamilton Health Sciences - McMaster Children’s Hospital

The McMaster Children's Hospital Child and Youth Mental Health Program serves Hamilton and the surrounding region. This program:

  • Offers services for children, youth and families dealing with mental health concerns
  • Strives to provide the best, most compassionate care that is evidence-based
  • Provides outpatient, inpatient, day hospital and emergency mental health services
  • Offers services at two sites: Ron Joyce Child Health Centre and McMaster Children's Hospital
  • Includes the Community Education Service (CES) which provides educational courses and skills training workshops to the community


Lynwood Charlton Centre

Lynwood Charlton Centre provides a spectrum of innovative and evidence-informed child and youth mental health services, including residential, day treatment, school, home, and community-based services.

Lynwood Charlton Centre is the Lead Agency for the Hamilton service area and works collaboratively with other child and youth mental health service providers, community partners, youth and families to:

  • Transform the experiences of children, youth and families living with mental health issues, and
  • Plan and deliver a sustainable system of mental health services for children, youth, and their families and caregivers.


Thrive Child and Youth Trauma Services

Thrive Child and Youth Trauma Services provide a community-wide response to childhood trauma that combines excellence in treatment, state-of-the-art education, and community oriented prevention initiatives. Thrive's specialized programs include:

  • Sexual Abuse Assessment and Treatment (SAAT) - providing counseling and support services to child and youth victims of sexual abuse and their non-offending parents/families as well as prevention programs and educational resources aimed at keeping kids safe
  • Outreach, Assessment and Specialized Intervention Services (OASIS) - addressing the unique mental health needs of immigrant and refugee children, youth, and their families experiencing symptoms related to trauma or significant acculturation stress


St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton - Youth Wellness Centre

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton’s Youth Wellness Centre is a safe, accessible environment for young people age 17 to 25 to receive expert mental health and substance use care by self- and family/friend referrals. This service is covered by OHIP and confidential.

YWC offers confidential clinical care for:

  • Early Intervention: Young people who are experiencing emerging mental health and addiction concerns. 
  • Transition Support: Young people who are looking for support transitioning from child and adolescent mental health services to adult mental health and addiction services. These services are delivered by St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton's adult Mental Health and Addictions Program and our community partners.
  • Mobile Team: Young people who are students of Mohawk College, McMaster University, or Redeemer University College, and/or who are facing significant barriers to accessing care for their mental health and addictions concerns.


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