YourSpace Hamilton

What is YourSpace?

YourSpace is a place for youth and families looking for mental health information and supports in Hamilton, Ontario.

The supports you will find here have been created especially for youth and families waiting for child and youth mental health services. Waiting for services to begin can be hard. Our community-based service providers understand this and have worked with local youth and families to develop a series of supports that can be helpful now, including:

Connect and learn about issues that matter to you!

OurSpace sessions are for young people who are exploring ways to support their mental health.

Live sessions are 30 minutes long...

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FamilySpace sessions are for individuals who are caring for a child or youth experiencing mental health concerns.

Live session are 1 hour long...

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The YourSpace project is a collaborative effort of multiple agencies and organizations that provide child and youth mental health services in Hamilton.

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