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Treatment Options for Children with ADHD

TREATMENT OPTIONS FOR ADHD WATCH NOW (YouTube) DESCRIPTION: Recording date:  April 14, 2021 Dr. Bill Mahoney presents an overview of treatment options for children and youth diagnosed with ADHD. Includes 30 minutes of questions and answers with participants. DISCLAIMER: This presentation contains information that was current at the time it was recorded (April 14, 2021). […]

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Understanding ADHD and ADD

UNDERSTANDING ADHD AND ADD WATCH NOW – Jan. 2021 (YouTube) WATCH NOW – Sep. 2021 (YouTube) WATCH NOW – Jan. 2021 (Adobe) WATCH NOW – Sep. 2021 (Adobe) DESCRIPTION: Recording date:  January 6, 2021 & September 9, 2021 This session for families reviews common behaviours and characteristics of ADHD. Whether your child or youth has […]

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